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About us


Shobha’s Entertainment is a name popular in the party circles. That is because the parties we organise and execute are so memorable they remain etched in your memory for years to come. Be they weddings, receptions, corporate events like product launches and conferences.

At Shobha’s Entertainment,
we believe that,staging an event is an art. We don’t plan a party — we design it. For us planning an event is like producing a play where the venue is the stage. We are the directors and you are the lead.We understand that you are trusting us with you life’s most sentimental and important moments and we give it , its due. Ensuring its success, making it beautifully memorable.

How do we achieve this? We have a committed team, unique themes, creative execution and valued experience. Equal credit is also due to our hand-picked partners – our suppliers show tremendous ingeuity in their execution. Armed with their commitment we offer the entire gamut of services. Invitations, decorations, satellite event organisation, venue selection, music, catering, gifting, transportation and entertainment, we spice up your event tastefully.

We envision your idea of a perfect event and then deliver it in style and precision.Our ideas ,services and offerings all are in tune to your vision of the event. At Shobha’s entertainment we ensure that no two events are ever the same. Every event is unique , special and carries its own distinct signature mark.

Our experience and hands-on ability ensures that there are no obstacles, delays or mismanagement in the event. Thanks to our credible delivery we have been fortunate to be called upon by the who’s who in Hyderabad for organising their personal and professional events.

To know more about us reach us at info@shobhasenetertainment.com or simply fill the following form and we will get back to you.

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